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We offer all the best quality products for your best friend.

Here are some fun facts about adorable canines

Our organization is a five year old one and is constantly in touch with the blue cross society. We are in the dog rescue department. So, what do we do? For a start, we rescue dogs that are on the streets are in terrible need of love and care; Also we rescue pet dogs from owners when we get information that they are mistreating them or manhandling them;

We are also in active practice of setting up mobile vet services in areas where we know it is financially not viable for pet owners to spay or neuter their pets because of financial constraints; We also allow pet adoption from our collection centers if you are able to satisfy us that you will take good or better care of the pets than what we provide at our shelters.

Donations accepted:

We accept donations towards our pet collection and care centers because everything is charged. We accept donations as small as $1 to anything that you wish to give. A small help can also be a saving grace to a starving and a cold dog. A little help and a loving hand is all that it needs to save these adorable creatures from starvation.
Our doors are always open:

We and our dogs love to have visitors. So, if you want to bring your family or your class in here and have a doggy day, we d say welcome! There is so much fun with a dog around and imagine if there are as many as fifty dogs at one place. What kind of swell fun that can be?


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Dog adoption centre:

There are hundreds of dogs right now on the streets that are in dire needs. They need to be loved and cared for. They need to be spayed and neutered. It is not just the thought that matters but the love they need and the help they need to make it on the bad streets of life.

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A dog without his bark:

A breed called the Basenji is the only dog in the world that cannot bark. Do you know that when a pup is born it can neither see; nor hear nor bite. This is because it is virtually toothless. But an adult dog can have up to as many as 42 teeth.

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